Welcome to our school!

Obs Dakpark is located in Rotterdam - Delfshaven. Obs Dakpark is an independent, state-subsidized Dutch primary school, with some 160 pupils. Currently there are 10 schoolclasses, of which two international "schakel" or transition classes (see for explanation further on). 

The educational provision is not based on any religious or political views. The focus of our curriculum is on maths, reading, Dutch, but also on physical exercise, swimming, biology, science and technology, visual arts and civics (of which sustainability is an important aspect). Our aim is to realize that each individual pupil gets the education that is appropriate for him or her.

The school has a large, safe inner courtyard .This is rather exceptional in Rotterdam. The courtyard and educational garden will be redesigned in 2021 in order to make both of them more attractive and more adventurous.

Within the same building we also host two international so-called "schakel" or transition classes. In these classes we specially host pupils from abroad, pupils from all over the world. In one year's time we help them to master the Dutch language in order to smoothly enroll in our regular classes.

At obs Dakpark you will encounter a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. There is no animosity between children because one is born and raised in Rotterdam and the other isn't. We will help your child to feel safe, welcome and happy.

More information on our school can be found on our website. If you want to have a tour of the school or if you have any questions please do not hesitate and contact us at:
e-mail:  info@obsdakpark.nl
phone: +31-104760114.

Josje Boshoff
School principal